I Am Refocused Radio podcast with Shemaiah Reed and John Dorsch


I Am Refocused Radio Show Host | Shemaiah Reed
Operations/Co-Owner | Debra Reed
Refocused TV | Radio 
I Am Refocused Radio : Stories That Inspire

With over 900+ interviews, I Am Refocused Radio provides a space that welcomes people to speak freely about real life experiences through various platforms to engage and encourage those who are looking to find their purpose.

At I Am Refocused Radio, we believe that every individual has a unique purpose and journey in life. That’s why we provide a safe and welcoming space where people can freely share their real-life experiences and connect with others on a similar path.

Through our diverse platforms, we strive to inspire and empower those who are searching for their true calling. Whether it’s through engaging interviews, thought-provoking discussions, or uplifting music, our mission is to encourage individuals to embrace their authentic selves and pursue their passions.

We believe that by sharing our stories and supporting one another, we can create a community of purpose-driven individuals who are dedicated to making a positive impact in the world. So if you’re looking to find your purpose, join us at I Am Refocused Radio and let’s journey together towards a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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